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Top ten sexiest men in the india.....!!!

The Sexiest Indian Men

This tall, dark and handsome hunk is the best man to kick this countdown off with…
#10 Kunal Kapoor
Some of you may wonder why we are including this lesser known actor on this list, but those of you who have seen the photograph below can understand.
Kunal Kapoor - Sexiest Men in India
Kunal Kapoor signifies hope to all us Indian women who are out there looking for some sexy, yet decent, male companionship. Unlike the other, more pampered young-Kapoor, Kunal is a beacon of raw sex appeal, overwhelming good looks, and a mature persona to carry it all off with.
#9 Abhishek Bachchan
The younger Bachchan is without a doubt one smooth criminal. With a piercing glare and a mischievous smile, this young scion of the most popular family in Bollywood, has caught the fancy of far too many urban girls and women. His love for three-piece suits and not taking his shirt off, makes him an exception to this otherwise almost completely bare-chested collection.
Abhishek Bachchan in a sexy photoshoot
What we would really like from the actor now is to separate his image from his father’s and make something one of his own. Hey, he even has Aishwarya Rai for a wife!
#8 Neil Nitin Mukesh
Kick starting his career from a relatively low-key movie, Neil is now part of the mainstream in little over 2 years. Being a fitness fanatic gets him the edge over the previous entrant on this list. Aside from the acting talent, his choice of fashion and style is impeccably tuned to the tastes of an increasingly westernized India.
Neil Nitin Mukesh sexy photo
Despite not tasting success with his recent films, this well-toned man is wanted on the big screen by legions of swooning girls of all ages.
#7 Abhay Deol
The youngest of Deols in the acting fraternity isn’t just the best, but also the sexiest. Abhay has made it his job to opt for smaller, but sensible, movies in an otherwise nonsensical Bollywood. Kudos, hugs and kisses to this dimpled gentleman who is known to never loose his cool.
Abhay Deol - Sexy Indian Man
Torn jeans, a loose tie and a crumbled shirt – this is what makes this man one among this list of 10 very sexy men in India.
#6 Ranbir Kapoor
Who doesn’t like the chocolate boy of every generation? Ranbir is this era’s cute, lovable, and surprisingly toned, heartthrob. Baring everything in his debut movie certainly helped to ring the screaming girls in, but it was his modest, boyish attitude that cemented his inclusion on this list.
Ranbir kapoor - Sexiest man IndiaOne can only hope to see more and more of him in the years to come. Yes, we probably mean more than we saw in Saawariya.
#5 Akshay Kumar
Despite doing some of the stupidest movies we have seen in the last 10 years, Akshay Kumar’s virtues of family, a fab body and the occasional stripping has us loving the man despite his age.
Twinkle is one lucky woman, but above all, Akshay is one lucky man for getting someone who chose to support him through some major slumps in his career.
Akshay Kumar - Sexiest Men in India
Being this good looking an Indian man, Akshay is a hard-worker, a faithful and loving husband, and a playful, at times self-deprecating, superstar who stumbled upon his raw sex appeal with the turn of the millennium.
#4 Salman Khan
Not everybody finds this frequently-shirtless wonder all that good looking, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t sexy. Salman Khan had a fabulous body before anybody in India new what a fab body looks like.
A Sexy Photo of Salman Khan
With his recent success with Dabanng, the actor has once again been heralded as the ultimate sex icon for the majority of Indian women. The bad-boy image that hasn’t left his side since the early 90s continues to attract and repel us from this oh-so-fabulous bodied man.
#3 John Abraham
No list about sexy men in India is complete without the inclusion of John Abraham. He is sexy enough for even our grandmothers to call him good looking. Everything from his body to hair seems to have been conditioned to be worthy of every woman’s unadulterated desire.
John Abraham - Sexiest men in India
While wishing that there was no Bipasha Basu standing beside him everywhere he goes – we women, gay men and even stray dogs (John supports PETA) can’t complain while Mr. Abraham is keeping us distracted.
#2 Hrithik Roshan
With his breakthrough hit Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Hrithik instantly became the most beautiful man in the subcontinent. His greek god-like good looks make him much more than just another pretty face.
Hrithik Roshan - Sexiest Men in India
The younger (and married) Roshan is without a doubt a very sexy Indian man who likes to keep his private life private. We also know of possessive nature when it comes to his family which just makes him all the more irresistible to the naked eye.
#1 Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan - Sexiest man in India
Now this is a choice that nobody will object to – Shahrukh Khan at number one is an obvious decision. After all, who else can walk on a fashion ramp with a fractured arm and still look sexy!
Shahrukh Khan - Sexiest Man in India
With his charisma, quick sense of humor and family man ethics, Shahrukh proves everybody else on this list wrong – men don’t need to be pretty, good looking or even well toned to be sexy. You either have it, or you don’t – but you cannot just get it! King Khan has so much of “it” that we can’t even begin to describe how sexy this czar of Indian movies really is.
Let us know your top 10 sexiest men in India in the comments below. Do you think we went astray by including one or all of the men mentioned on this list? We look forward to reading what you have to say.

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